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  • We get you compensation for lost wages, your pain, and suffering
Auto Car Accident Lawyers
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Freeway Law is an award-winning auto accident and personal injury law firm with various recognitions from the legal industry. We ensure clients receive the maximum compensation possible in each case. We understand the struggles and effects of accidents that truly change our clients’ lives. That is why our top-notch auto accident and personal injury lawyers will fight hard to fight for your rights.

Ali Razavi, Esq.

Our Founder

Ali Razavi, Esq. is the founder and managing attorney at Freeway Law. He graduated at the top of his class at UCLA, earning cum laude honors.

He pursued his law degree at Chapman University’s reputable Fowler School of Law. Since then Mr. Razavi has been solely focusing on civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and has reached hundreds of successful resolutions for his clients.

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Are you experiencing physical pain and psychological trauma because of a car accident? Or have you been involved in other personal injury and now you’re facing thousands of dollars in medical bills? You need to call a knowledgeable personal injury law firm immediately. As a premier litigation law firm, Freeway Law uses all of its resources, skill, and experience to assist clients in getting the maximum compensation possible. 

To sum it up, here’s how we can help you.

Negotiation Skills

A lot of accident claims are solved through insurance settlements. But, it’s rarely in your best interest to take the very first settlement deal. Normally, an insurer provides a low-ball deal and hopes you take it. The insurance companies want to maximize their profits. Our car accident lawyers negotiate aggressively with insurance companies to obtain better results.


We will ensure that you’re getting the very best possible medical attention. We would like you to visit your doctors to help you recover fast and to the best degree possible. We are also experienced in dealing with medical facilities to place your accounts on hold to avoid collection. Another important resource we provide is relations with specialists.


Insurers and companies understand that our team at Freeway Law is proficient in the law and aggressive. We’ve created a reputation as a powerful law firm that’ll constantly pursue the best possible recovery for our customers.


We’re not reluctant to go to court. We’ll file a personal injury or car accident case immediately to demonstrate to the insurance company and the at-fault party that we’re serious about your case. If settlement discussions don’t lead to a satisfactory resolution or an insurance reimbursement isn’t sufficient, we’re here to fight for your rights all the way through trial.

Calculating Damages

This is tough to understand without speaking with a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer. Our attorneys will work with you to include all of your damages expenses, from whatever source. We’ll also work closely together with you to document your pain and suffering, which is typically a big part of your damages and your case.


Claiming damages while being injured is tough work when not done correctly and without professional help. The stress and suffering you’ve experienced will build up and will make your situation worse. Because of that, you really need help. Freeway Law is the solution!  

When you work with us for your personal injury claims, our role will be to:

Study, research, and fully understand your specific case

Provide advice on your legal rights

Tell you what you need to say and not to say

Reviewing and preparing all documents

Get the maximum compensation possible for your damages

Our skilled personal injury lawyers will be your helping hand so you could just focus on recovering from your injuries. To make the situation better for you, we will help you understand and keep you fully informed about your claims. We will advise what to do when there are things that need your signature, and approval.

Freeway Law will guide you in communicating your statements and to ensure that it would only result and support your case positively. We will explain to you the legal aspects of all documents and settlements presented to you. Most importantly, we will be your counsel. We will fight hard with all of our knowledge and skills to recover the maximum recovery possible for every case.


The attorneys and the staff really know what they're doing. They took care of my case from start to finish without any problems. They didn't even charge me for the money they got me to replace my car. And they even negotiated the doctor bills. Very impressed and highly recommend.
Nancy H
Nancy H
04:59 04 May 21
Excellent service. They took care of me all the way.
Frank N
Frank N
04:54 17 Feb 21
They provided a great service to my wife. They made it easy and got good result. Recomend.
Jesus H
Jesus H
02:58 17 Dec 20
First time in an accident and I was nervous. Didn't know what to do. These guys were amazing. They helped and held my hand every step of the way. I have already referred them to my friends and family. Thanks guys for believing in my case.
Jennifer Tanzer
Jennifer Tanzer
17:03 30 Sep 20
The other side offered me $35000. Freeway Law attorneys fought hard, and they got a high 6 figure settlement. Can't recommend them enough. They know what they're doing.
Hector M
Hector M
00:09 28 Aug 20
They attorneys at Freeway Law were responsive and good to work with. I always got ahold of atorney, not just asistant. Thank you.
Mo Atri
Mo Atri
20:59 28 Jul 20
Great service from intake to the end. They took care of my case, my bills, everything. Can't recommend them enough.
Patty F
Patty F
22:51 14 Jul 20
Freeway Law attorneys are great. I got into a car accident and they were great to work with. They got me a great settlement. I recomend highly.
Alonso Martinez
Alonso Martinez
21:23 02 Jul 20

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What I should do when injured in a car accident?

Your health is the priority. Seek medical help for the injuries as soon as possible. This will include documentation of the injuries so that it can be provided to the insurance company. Preserve any evidence you believe can help your situation. Do not give a statement to the other insurance company until you’ve hired an attorney.

How much is my case worth?

Every case is unique and there is no such thing as a fixed amount of recovery associated with a given injury. There are many factors to consider in your case like the amount of available insurance, the cost of medical bills, and the percentage of fault. We gather all of the necessary information as quickly as possible and do a full evaluation of your claims and injuries.

If we don’t recover anything, you don’t have to pay us. We understand the situation of victims that cannot afford to pay an attorney by the hour. There are no up-front fees with us and the initial consultation is free.

What is the time limit in filing my claim?

A person has a two-year time limit from the date of the accident in which you can file your lawsuit in California. But there are exceptions to this time limit.  Statutes of limitations (i.e. time to file a case) rules are complicated.  This is where an experienced personal injury attorney can assist to ensure your claim is not time-barred.

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