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5 Facts About Personal Injury Law In California

Facts about personal injury

1. California is a comparative fault state.

You are still entitled to compensation even found out to be partially at fault. This is first on the facts about personal injury law. For an example of this, you are responsible for 10 percent of an accident. You are still able to recover 90 percent. It includes property damage and medical expenses from the other driver’s insurance company. You should present the following evidence in order to prove that it was the defendant’s fault:

  • that they owed you a duty of care
  • breached duty
  • and the breach caused the injuries in your car accident

A personal injury lawsuit involved these.

2. The statute of limitations in California is 2 years.

Claims in California cities, counties, or state government agencies typically have an even shorter statute of limitations. It will be ranging from six months to one year and starts immediately after the accident. There are very few circumstances under which you may get an extension. It’s the difference between having a fair recovery and being left without any compensation. It could be because you have missed the deadline to file your lawsuit.

3. As of April 1, 2020, $1,814,094 is the average money damage award for personal injury trials in California, according to Jury Verdict Research

It is one of the facts of personal injury law. The median verdict is $114,305. Cases involving brain injuries typically yield higher verdicts in California. The median for California brain injuries cases is $1,595,000. The median verdict is $1,400,000. The juries in California give higher value on personal injury cases compared to other states.

4. Most cases are settled before the trial

Every personal injury case is unique. And this is the reason why you have to gather all information first in order to know if your case is worth settling before trial. Some factors in making this determination may involve:

  • the severity of the injuries
  • costs involved at trial
  • the extended time that a case will take into litigation
  • fairness of the offer in pre-litigation from the other partu insurance company

Up to 67 percent of cases were settled even before trial or the lawsuit is filed. It shows the importance of negotiation skills are in a personal injury case. People who did not negotiate their initial settlement offers received an average award of $11,800. Comparing with people who did negotiate settlement offers and got an average offer of $42,500!

5. You need to hire a personal injury attorney

Personal injury lawyers understand the stress and suffering that you are experiencing. They understand the big picture and how to properly value your claim. They know how to present your claim effectively to the insurance companies. Personal injury lawyers have a vast network of doctors and medical providers. Which ensures that you or your injured loved one gets the best medical care and treatment. This helps you to start feeling better as soon as possible. To speak with experienced motor vehicle crash lawyers today about your case, contact us at (844) 443-7339.


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