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City of Johnstown v. WCAB (Sevanick)


Court: Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

Opinion Date: July 21, 2021

Docket: 28 WAP 2020

Judge: Donohue

Areas of Law: Government & Administrative Law, Labor & Employment Law, Personal Injury

Appellant, the City of Johnstown (“Johnstown”), contended that a party asserting a firefighter cancer claim had to satisfy the requirements of both Section 301(c)(2) and Section 301(f) of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act to establish a viable claim. Michael Sevanick was a firefighter for Johnstown for twenty-nine years. After retirement, he worked at a car dealership. Nine years after he retired, Sevanick was diagnosed with kidney cancer. In 2016, he filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, alleging that his cancer was caused by exposure to a carcinogen recognized as a Group 1 carcinogen by IARC during his time as a firefighter. The Workers’ Compensation Judge found in Sevanick’s favor, and Johnstown appealed. The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board found that Section 301(c)(2) did not apply, but rather that the limitations of Sevanick’s claim were governed by Section 301(f). The Board reasoned that Section 301(f) created a new timeframe for cancer-related occupational disease claims made by firefighters. Because Sevanick raised his claim well within 600 weeks from his last date of employment as a firefighter, the Board concluded the claim was timely. The Commonwealth Court agreed with that determination. Johnstown petitioned for Allowance of Appeal for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to determine whether a firefighter making a claim under Section 108(r) of the Act had to comply with the timing requirements of Section 301(c)(2). The Supreme Court concluded that the time for filing a Section 108(r) firefighter cancer claim was governed by Section 301(f) alone. Therefore, the Commonwealth Court’s ruling was affirmed.

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