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Dog Attack Facts You Need To Know

There are over 4.7 million reported dog attack in the US based on the data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The survey states that dogs are the 4th deadliest creature in the world next to mosquitos, humans, and snakes. Most of the victims are children around 5 to 9 years old due to their curiosity and unfamiliarity with the animal. The data depict the danger that a dog attack can do to a victim.

Dogs could still have unpredictable behaviors even you’re with them for a long time already. Aside from dog bite wounds, bacteria and diseases like rabies could be transferred to our bodies. It is very dangerous when not treated immediately and could even cause death. Knowing what to do after you get bit by a dog is important. By performing these, it could save your life and other people.


1. Clean the wound immediately

2. Stop the bleeding as possible

3. Use antibiotic creams

4. Use a bandage to cover the wound

5. Consult a doctor

6. Check for possible effects

7. Seek legal help

1. Clean the Wound Immediately

Cleaning a dog bite should be done immediately after the attack. Wash the wound with mild soap. Rinse it with warm water within 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Stop the Bleeding as Possible

Try to stop the bleeding of the wound as much as possible. Use a clean cloth to cover it with an ample amount of pressure.  It will help to stop the bleeding or at least lessen it if the wound is deep.

3. Use Antibiotic Creams

An over-the-counter antibiotic cream will be useful as well. It could help to lessen or prevent the spread of any bacteria, infections, and chances of tetanus from dog bite.

4. Use A Bandage to Cover the Wound

Carefully wrap it using a sterile bandage to protect it from any dirt and other tiny objects that could cause or contribute to infection.       

5. Consult a Doctor

Once the victim is all set and first aid has been done, go to a doctor immediately to have proper medication for your wounds and possible infections. Your doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment depending on the condition of the dog bite wound. Follow the doctor’s instructions on how to manage it on the succeeding days. Contact or go back to your doctor when the dog bite infection symptoms occur.

6. Check for Possible Effects

Dog bite could result in different effects on the victim’s body. An infection could happen which will give you increased pain on the wound, swelling, fever, and redness of the skin. Consult with your doctor if there are dog bite symptoms that continuously occur.

7. Seek Legal Help

If the dog bite attack is due to the negligence of the owner or other people, you are entitled to claims that will cover all the damages and expenses caused by the accident.

dog showing teeth and biting hand.


Different states implement laws that protect the rights of a victim in a dog attack accident. Whether it is a minor or severe dog bite, the victim could still file for legal actions against the dog owner or the people who are responsible for it. They could be held legally liable for the accident while the plaintiff will be entitled to claims due to damages. Insurance policies of the homeowners should cover this kind of case.

The rules about a dog attack case could be different according to the state where the accident happened. All US states recognize that the responsible person to the dog will be liable for the attack. There are 3 models of liability that cover a dog attack.

1 . Common Law

If the owner knows that his or her dog could be dangerous to other people, he or she will be held liable for the dog attack. Different jurisdictions follow a one-bite rule which states that the owner of a dog that is usually not dangerous and aggressive to other people will not be held liable for the first injury due to the attack.

2. Strict Liability

In strict liability, the owner is liable for all damages caused by the dog attack without consideration for other details of the accident. This requires also that the victim prove that he or she was acting peacefully when the attack happened.  It also recognizes the circumstances why the dog attacked the victim.

3. Mixed Law

This is what many states use. Mixed Law is based on common law but with additional requirements for the plaintiff to consider the case for a personal injury claim. California, Rhode Island, Texas, Michigan, and Florida are the states the impose this.


As a victim of a dog attack, the accident resulted in damages that affect different aspects of like physically, emotionally, and financially. You will be entitled to claims for all damages that the dog bite accident caused. Here are the things you need to do to file a claim.

1. Gather evidence of the dog attack

If you are still capable, get photos of the accident. Take a picture of the dog bite bruise or wound, location, the dog, or anything that you think might show the causes of the dog bite and help you strengthen your case.

2. Obtain information of the witnesses

Ask people who saw the dog attack and get their contact details. These people could help tell the truth about what happened in the accident.

3. Get information about the owner

Gather the contact details of the dog owner. You have to talk with the dog owner to inform them about the accident.

4. Call an experienced personal injury lawyer

In this kind of accident due to negligence, you are entitled to claims. You could use it for all medical expenses and other damages. You don’t want to take more burden in claiming your compensation. Call experienced dog bite attorneys who could deal with all of these legal matters for you so you could just concentrate on recovering from injuries. The help from an attorney will make all processes easier and could deliver positive results of the case. Knowledgeable personal injury attorneys will guide and help you in claiming the rightful amount of compensation.


From a minor dog bite to a severe one, injuries resulting from the dog attack were classified based on the severity of it.  Here are the dog bite injury classifications to define what kind of injury did a victim experienced.

Level 1 Dog Bite:

There is no contact between the teeth of the dog and the skin of the victim.

Level 2 Dog Bite:

Contact to the victim’s skin happened but there’s no puncture.

Level 3 Dog Bite:

The bite resulted in one up to four skin punctures or wounds.

Level 4 Dog Bite:

One of the punctures is deep

Level 5 Dog Bite:

The dog attack resulted in minor and severe deep multiple wounds

dog biting an object


A dog attack should not be taken lightly. It could result in severe injuries and the death of the victim. It is important to avoid engaging in this kind of situation as possible. Protect children as well from a dog attack since they are more prone to this kind of accident. Due to the dog’s unpredictable behavior, and curiosity of the kids, they are usually the victim of a dog bite attack. A severe dog bite can result in deep wounds, bruises, broken bones, bleeding, death, and more. It is very important to avoid an unfamiliar dog and learn ways to keep prevent a dog attack.

Causes of Dog Bite Deaths

A dog bite can be fatal. Due to the severe injuries, the person may not survive the attack. Here are different injuries that can be the causes of dog bite deaths.

  • Blunt trauma
  • Fractured or Broken neck
  • Heart attack
  • Hemorrhage
  • Air embolism
  • Fractured or Broken neck
  • Sepsis
  • Decapitation of the head


A dog bite could result in severe injuries and even death to the victim. Dogs could have different unexpected behaviors that’s why you should know to keep yourself safe and avoid a dog attack. Here are tips to keep you safe from a dog attack.

  1. Stay calm
  2. If you are not familiar with the dog, don’t approach.
  3. Avoid playing with the dog aggressively
  4. Don’t engage in breaking up dogs that are fighting
  5. When the dog is caring for puppies, sleeping, or eating, never disturb the dog.
  6. Never let the children play with a dog alone.
  7. Ask permission from the owner when touching an unfamiliar dog.
  8. Report it when you noticed strange behavior by a dog,
  9. Avoid running away from the dog

A dog attack is a traumatic accident. It could cause emotional effects aside from the wound and the danger of rabies and infections. It also affects you financially due to the cost of whole medication, loss of wages at work, and possible loss of opportunities.

If you have experienced a dog bite accident in Orange County, you could be entitled to claims that will cover all your expenses and damages. Freeway Law Personal Injury Lawyers could help you throughout the complex process of claiming. Call us at (844) 443-7339 for a free initial consultation.

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