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dog bite

Dog Bite Accidents Over The Years

dog biting a hand

In the US, there are 4.7 million reported cases of dog bites every year. The numbers have increased in recent years. There’s a 9% increase in dog bite cases in the county. Which is from 1,560 in 2012, it became 1,696 in 2015. These dog attacks can happen anywhere such as in parks, sidewalks, or on private property. In private properties, especially in the dog owner’s homes, the attacks mostly occur. There’s a study shows that 80% of attacks happened at the property of the dog owners.

Do I Need a Dog Bite Lawyer In Orange County?

Absolutely! When suffered injuries from a dog bite attack, there are damages that the dog owner or the guilty party should be accountable for. Dealing with the claiming process on your own, especially without the experience, could not get you a better result. It is also important that you give more attention to your recovery from injuries.

An Orange County dog bite lawyer will make the whole process easier for you. Dealing with the guilty party and insurance companies will be complex and confusing. A dedicated attorney will be a big help in getting the rightful amount you deserve for all the damages. Having a dog bite lawyer is still the best move when involved in such cases.

What Could Be The Serious Effect Of A Dog Attack?

Dog bite should not be taken easily and treat as a minor injury. There are serious medical issues that could happen to the victim of a dog attack. Medical attention is very important and should be a priority. Here are the medical issues that resulted from a dog bite.

dog bite


Rabies could be transmitted through the saliva of the dog.  You should get medical attention immediately especially when you don’t know the dog. It’s better to have medicine for rabies to ensure that you are safe from the disease.

dog bite medicine


The common dog bite infections are Pasteurella and MRSA. It could lead to serious illness when these two infections were not treated properly.

Blood Loss

A serious dog attack could lead to blood loss especially when it resulted in several deep wounds. Proper medical attention such as stitches or even surgery may be needed for these cases.

Muscle Damage

A dog bite attack in full force could result in internal damages to tendons and muscles which requires surgery.

Dog bite attacks could lead to physical and psychological suffering. Data shows the percentage of effects a dog attack.

  • 3%severe injuries
  • 15% moderate injuries
  • 75% minor injuries

At Freeway Law, there are no too small cases. Some other law firms accept cases that involving major injuries only. Our dog bite lawyer in Orange County will guide on the process of recovering claims for injuries including but not limited to:

  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Wrongful death
  • Tissue damage
  • Amputation
  • Infections
  • Paralysis

Recovering from these injuries and illnesses might require long-term medication. It also entails additional medical expenses and other economic or non-economic damages to the victims’ lives. You are entitled to a claim for these damages. Freeway Law could help you and will fight hard for the maximum compensation you deserve.

Common Dog Bite Attack Victim

Children are the bigger percentage of victims of dog bites compare to adults. There are 68% of the victims are children under 11 years old. More than 50% of them are under 3 years old.

Young kids don’t understand the behavior of animals. They don’t even that their actions may provoke dogs. There are times that kids are trying to interact with the dog by holding them. That is why kids tend to be common victims of dog bite attacks than adults.

dog bite

Pet Owners Are Accountable

dog pets

There are different reasons why a dog may bite a person. It could be because the dog felt threatened and was just being defensive. Physical or psychological stress could be another reason. Or there are times that dogs are just playing around but accidentally bit harder. Children are the common victims because they are unaware of the behavior of the dog. Regardless of these reasons, pet owners should be responsible for controlling and taking care of their pets at all times.

Pet owners usually say that their dogs would never attack and just bite anyone. In reality, animals are unpredictable, even our most behave pet dogs. Pet owners should take all the precautions in avoiding such situations. They must ensure that their dogs will not be able to hurt other people around them.


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