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motorcycle accident

Difference of Motorcycle and Car Accident

motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident is more deadly compared to a car accident. According to statistics, there are 72 deadly accidents for every 100,000 motorcycles. While there are only 13 fatal accidents that occur in every 100,000 cars.  Even this is the current situation, laws are almost the same for cars and motorcycles in seeking compensation for all damages and injuries.

In general, we could say that cars are safer vehicles than motorcycles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that people are 35 times more prone to a deadly accident in a motorcycle than in a car.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident In Orange County

In riding a motorcycle, your body is more exposed to impact when an accident happens. It could result in serious injuries or even loss of lives of the people involved. These frightening accidents could change the lives of the victims through emotional and physical effects, financial loss, and more. That is the reason why you deserve to claim financial compensation especially when the accident is due to negligence of another party.

Here are important things to do when you are involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle.

Seek medical attention

Contact the police

Gather information of witnesses

Take photos of the accident scene

motorcycle injury attorneys

Call an experienced motorcycle injury attorney

How Our Motorcycle Injury Attorneys Can Help You

You need help from a motorcycle accident law firm if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident. Especially if it resulted in injuries, loss of loved ones, and property damages. The whole process of claiming your compensation could be confusing and complex when dealing with insurance companies. Experienced motorcycle injury attorneys in Orange County will surely guide you and help you throughout the process.

Insurance companies will try to settle with a lesser amount as possible which will not be sufficient for all expenses and financial losses you have experienced. Freeway Law’s experienced personal injury attorneys will fight hard for your rights and get the maximum financial compensation you deserve. We will help to deal with the legal process and tell you what to do and say to ensure positive results. Here are the things we can do for you. If you don’t get paid, our services are free.

scooter accident attorney

Evaluating Your Story

Evaluate Your Claim


scooter accident attorney

Negotiating Settlements

scooter accident attorney

Fight For The Maximum Compensation You Deserve

Financial Compensation You Can Claim

Economic and non-economic losses are considered in filing settlements in a motorcycle accident in Orange County. There are effects of the accident that could permanently change the lives of the victims and deserve financial compensation. Below are different types of damages and losses that could be included in your claim.

  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Nursing care expenses
  • Repairs, part replacements, and rebuilding costs
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Mobility assistance devices and prescription costs
  • Medical examination expenses
  • Household care services
  • Career losses
  • Property damages
  • Financial income losses
  • Psychological pain and suffering
motorcycle injury


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If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Orange County, don’t hesitate to call us at (844) 443-7339 for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your rights and compensation. Learn more about personal injury and auto accident law by reading more of our articles on our Medium page.


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