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Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Causes?

Trucks travel with heavy cargo while driving on rural roads where fatal accidents usually happen. They are sharing the roads with other motorists which could create catastrophic outcomes when an accident occurs. Accidents involving these huge vehicles could happen anytime and anywhere. Freeway Law’s Orange County truck accident lawyer could help if you have been involved in this kind of accident. Also, here are the common causes of accidents that drivers and other people must know.

sleeping in truck


truck drunk driving

DUI or Drunk Driving

driving speeding


distracted driving

Distracted Driving

mechanical issues

Mechanical Issues

Possible Liable Parties In A Truck Accident

Different parties could be liable for this kind of accident. It is a complex personal injury case where the accountable party could differ depending on the situation. Here’s a list of possible liable persons in a truck accident.

  • Trucking company
  • Trailer owner
  • Cab owner
  • Driver
  • Employer of the driver
  • Third-party maintenance company

Do I Need An Orange County Truck Accident Lawyer?

Catastrophic and massive property damage could be the results of accidents involving trucks. Considering the weight and size of these vehicles, it could be a fatal situation when an accident happens. When dealing with the liable party, a truck wreck lawyer will surely be a big help. There are elements of the accident that should be considered to ensure that your case will go positively on your side. A truck accident lawyer could find and verify this evidence that will prove the lackings of the liable person.

truck accident

When dealing with insurance companies, lawyers will work hard to get you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. Insurance companies will try to settle with you at a lower amount that will not be sufficient for all expenses and damages you had. An Orange County truck accident lawyer has the knowledge and experience of working with insurers and the game that they trying to play with the clients. Having professional legal help will ensure that you will receive the rightful amount for yourself.

Negotiating with different parties is another complex and confusing part of claiming compensation. A lawyer will help deal with these parties and manage all the communication for you.  This secures your demand will be negotiated smoothly with another party. If they will not agree, the lawyer will file a lawsuit.

18 wheeler accident

Legal help will prove that the other party is liable for the accident. Such parties will deny their negligence to avoid paying for all damages to victims and other people involved. An experienced truck accident lawyer will be your guide and great assistance throughout the process so that you could focus only on recovering from your injuries.


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