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Preventing a Slip and Fall Accident at Work

preventing slip and fall

Work is important for people but safety should never be compromised. A slip and fall accident is one of the tragic events that could happen at the workplace. 22% of slip and fall at work resulted in more than 31 days of lost wages. It was recorded in 2019 that there are 880 employees lost their lives due to a fall accident and 244,000 were injured at the workplace. Preventing a slip and fall accident at work is not impossible, and here are the ways to do it. These actions are for workers and management as part of providing a safe workplace for everyone.

Preventing Slip at Work

Spills, oily or wet floors, loose mats, and less traction on the floor surface are common causes of a slip accident. This happens due to the lack of friction on a person’s feet and the ground surface. Here are ways to keep yourself safe from a slip accident.

  • Use warning signage or markings to inform people of slippery areas while there it is not being cleaned or dry. There are areas that water could run down continuously due to damages or faulty equipment. Warning signage should be placed in these locations to avoid slip accident until it is fixed properly.

  • Immediately clean the spill at areas where most people walk or pass by. Use a good cleaning agent that doesn’t leave a wet surface and makes it slippery. Use a product that could dry up quickly. You could use a cloth or dry mop to ensure that the surface is not slippery already.

  • Walkways and workplaces should have good lighting at all times. Workers might slip on places where they couldn’t see the signage. Wet floors or spills could become totally invisible without proper lighting. Light bulbs, faulty switches, and other possible electrical issues should be fixed immediately.

  • Sweep dirts or small debris on the floor that affects the friction or traction on the floor. Remove any objects that could roll when someone accidentally steps on it.

  • Use footwear that gives enough traction for you to move confidently.

  • Ensure that all carpets, rugs, and mats are not moving easily. You could secure it by taping or tacking it. It will be a good habit to check it once in a while to ensure that it doesn’t move.

Avoiding Tripping at Workplace

Any objects that are misplaced around in the workplace could be a cause of tripping.  The area should be managed properly to avoid this kind of accident. Here are some ways to prevent tripping at work.

  • Repair or fix any broken section of the flooring. Whether it is carpet, tiles, vinyl, or cement, make sure that the floor is safe. Ensure that there are no protruding materials that could cause an accident.

  • There should not be any obstructions and hazards on busy areas. These are places where people usually pass by or doing their work. Remove all clutter or any object that could be hit by people.

  • Make sure that cabinet drawers are closed in your area. It could obstruct walkways and cause a trip accident. You may also give a friendly reminder to other people about this. This should be a habit for people inside their workplace.

  • All cables on the walkway floors must have covers. It should not move when someone steps on it. If the wire or cable will have to be there permanently, it should be installed professionally.

  • Walkways and work areas must have good lighting conditions. Replaced busted bulbs and install additional light sources when needed. You also need to clean bulb covers if you have one.

  • When you are carrying something, make sure that you still have a good vision of the walkway and things around you. You should be aware of your surroundings so you can avoid any obstructions. To make it safer, use proper equipment to move things. If it’s not available, carry one item at a time only or simply ask for help from colleagues.
cleaning the floors to avoid slip and fall accident at work

Preventing Fall Accident at Work

Proper equipment, skills, and experience could be the most helpful tools when you have to work in an elevated area. For industries like construction, working in this kind of environment is common. It is dangerous that is why employers should do their best to ensure the safety of their workers. Here are the things you should know to prevent a fall accident while working.

  • Before performing a task, make sure that you have undergone training on using the equipment. You may also practice it within a safe area to familiarize again yourself. Ask question if there are things that you are not sure about.

  • Learn the proper equipment to use for the task. If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to ask your co-workers and supervisors about it. You should always secure your safety.

  • Always make sure that the weather is good when you are working outside. Don’t work in inclement weather.

  • Ensure that you are holding properly on the ladder while going up and down.

  • Be aware of the surrounding in the work area. Look for any possible hazards while performing your tasks.

  • Ensure that you set up your equipment properly.

  • Be knowledgeable in using the proper tools for the task. This is to ensure that you could perform the work faster and safely while in an elevated area.

  • When using a stepladder, make sure that it has a locking device to keep steady at all times.

  • Ask someone to hold the bottom part of the ladder for more stability. Avoid leaning or reaching objects while on a ladder.

  • Don’t use a damaged or old ladder. Make sure that it will still function properly and sturdy enough to secure your safety.

  • Your shoes should give you enough traction at most floor types and materials. This will help you move confidently while working on a ladder.

  • Placed the ladder on the flat level and sturdy ground. You should not lean it to something unstable.

Preventing slips, trips, and falls in the workplace must be taken seriously. There is no assurance that it will only result in minor injuries at all times. Employers are responsible to provide a safe work environment. On the other hand, workers must be mindful of this as well. You can avoid a slip and fall accident at work by applying these practices. Proper knowledge of possible risks and accidents could prevent injuries or even save a life.

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