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serious car accident lawyer

Opening Up Insurance Policy Limits in California

The Insurance Companies Are Not Always Right. Insurance companies have an obligation to put their clients’ interests ahead of their own. It’s their duty to defend the insured in court. Not just cutting checks, they often lose sight of these obligations. Insurance companies are in the business of saving money. The first thing that happens … Read more

Car Insurance Don’t Want You To Know

How To Get Paid In An Accident Even If It Was Your Fault

Do you think that getting paid in an accident is possible even it was your fault? Medical Payments Insurance or “MedPay” pays medical expenses for you in a car accident, regardless of who caused whose fault it is. Check it with your insurance provider if MedPay is part of your coverage. Many of our clients … Read more

What Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Car Insurance companies make money by saving money Do you know what car insurance companies don’t want you to know about your accident case? If you have been severely injured in an accident, having insurance may be the only way to guarantee that you can regain everything again. Unfortunately, they care more about their own … Read more

Your Rights If Bitten By A Dog In California?

It’s no surprise that California has more dog bite claims than any other state, after all, we love our furry friends. Insurers across the country pay out over $1 billion in claims related to a dog bite in California on an annual basis. About a third of the monies paid out through homeowners’ or renters’ … Read more


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