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What Are The Different Types Of Car Insurance?

Types of car insurance

Ever wonder about different types of car insurance we could possibly have? Check out on this list of insurance coverage available for motorists and car owners.

Liability Coverage Type of Car Insurance

Liability insurance covers injuries to another person or damage to their property due to an accident you caused. This does not protect your own injuries or your own property damage.

Collision/Comprehensive Coverage

This type of insurance covers vehicle repair and replacement costs even you are at fault. It covers theft, damage from hail, fire, vandalism, or collision with an animal as well.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

This type of insurance covers you and your passengers if the other driver is at the fault and he or she does not have enough insurance to cover you or don’t have insurance at all.

Imagine getting into an accident and incur $100k in medical bills but the “at-fault driver only has a $30k insurance policy. Then your own insurance will cover the rest of your medical bills.

Rideshare Insurance

This type of insurance will cover gaps in Lyft and Uber’s insurance policies. It offers you a more complete protection package for your situation. Please ask your insurance company to see what options they offer.

Gap Type of Car Insurance

If you are driving your car a lot then its value will depreciate faster. This insurance coverage will protect you if your car is totaled but the value is less than what you still owe on the loan.

Medical Payments

This is one of the types of car insurance that covers medical expenses due to a car accident including your deductible. This is especially important if you do not have health insurance. If possible, you should have enough insurance coverage to protect all of your assets including your car, home, property, or anything else of value that could be exposed in a major accident that is your fault.

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