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What To Do After A Slip and Fall Accident?

Being injured due to a slip and fall is very unfortunate especially if it is not your fault. According to law, common areas like parks, buildings, parking spaces, and walkways must be safe from slip, trip, and fall. Property owners and managers should ensure the safety of people within their premises. On the other hand, people should be aware of this kind of accident because it could happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. You should be prepared, know your rights, and know what to do after a slip and fall accident.

1. Medical Attention Is the Priority

The most important thing you have to pay attention to after an accident is your health. Look for any injuries and feel if there is something that gives you pain. Some slip and fall injuries are visible easily, but injuries like fractured bones cannot be determined immediately because there is no visible wound. If you feel pain, don’t move quickly from where you fell. You should ask for help from people nearby if you really can’t move or stand by yourself.

Immediately consult a doctor to have proper treatment and medication for your injuries. Make sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations and don’t miss appointments. Medical documentation of your injuries could serve as evidence in court when you file for slip and fall claims. Documented medical treatments will be a reference for the jurors to determine the severity of your injury and the accident.  

Aside from legal purposes, seeking medical attention must be your priority to ensure that you will recover fast and there will be no other effects that may occur.

2. Inform The Owner Or Manager Of The Property About The Slip And Fall Accident

The responsible person in the area where the slip and fall accident happened should be informed about it as soon as possible. You have to talk about the details of the accident to the highest rank in charge of the premises. If you are severely injured and unable to communicate with the property owner or manager, you may ask your family member, friend, or other people to tell about what happened. This is important so that they could make an incident report and you could ask for a copy of it. It will be useful if in case the police didn’t write an accident report, you could use the document from the property owner as a reference for your accident.

By reporting and documented it right after, it could strengthen your case and gives a higher chance of positive results especially on the possible amount of claims. Jurors are skeptical of slip and fall cases that are not reported immediately. In this scenario, you could still file for claims but jurors might only give you lower compensation for the damages, or even none at all.

When signing documents, forms, or confirmation of the report, read it thoroughly and make sure that it states the actual accident only. If you are skeptical about the document, do not give any information or sign it. You are not legally obligated to sign any documents.

In reporting the accident to the property manager or owner, you should provide complete details of the accident. You must know the reason why the accident happened. To provide a concrete description, identify the actual cause of the slip, trip, or fall in the area of the accident. Tell the property manager or owner whether the floor is slippery due to liquids like water, oil, or grease. It will be more difficult to prove it if you are unsure of the cause of the accident.

slip and fall

3. Collect Evidence and Witness’ Information

To strengthen more your case, you must provide detailed evidence like pictures of the area where it shows the cause of the slip and fall. It would be more effective if you could capture it right after the accident if you are still capable. You should also collect information about the witnesses because they could help you prove the details of the accident. Get the information like the name, address, and phone.  Their statement will strengthen your case and could convince the jurors about the lackings of the property manager.

Capturing photos of the actual area of the accident preserves the evidence that could help you. Especially if the cause of the accident and other contributing factors are visible in the picture. These will be very beneficial to support your statements.

Document the exact scenario as well. Write down the information like the time, weather, date, and your actions before the accident happened. Provide a detailed statement on how the slip and fall happened. Keeping the dress and shoes you wear that time could be a piece of evidence as well.

4. Do Not Talk Much With The Property Owners, Manager, Or Other Witnesses

Arguing with the other party might worsen your case. Even you have to talk to them about the accident, don’t take it too far and mix it with emotional stress. These arguments could be used against you even you have a strong case. To avoid this situation, don’t talk much with them. Just provide necessary information about the accident in a calm manner. In this way, you could also avoid giving too many details that could affect your case.

5. Don’t Provide Recorded Statement

Unless you already have a personal injury lawyer that guides you throughout the process, you should never give a recorded statement. Insurance companies that working with the other party might ask for this and it could be used to weaken your claim. The other party is only looking for information or details you will say that they can use against you.

In a case that you already provided a recorded statement, let your attorney review it so he or she should know possible actions you could do. Sometimes giving recorded statements doesn’t affect the case but to be sure, it is always the best idea to let your slip and fall attorney guide you on what you should or should not do.

You must refuse to provide this type of media that includes details of the accident according to your statement. Always remember that you are not obligated to give information unless you have guidance from trusted slip and fall accident lawyers.

6. Hire An Experienced Slip And Fall Attorney

Filing for claims has complex and confusing processes. Dealing with insurance companies could be difficult especially when you have to sign documents that you might not fully understand. There could be parts of the agreement that will not be favorable to you and you will not recover what you deserve. Insurance companies might sound like they are giving you all the benefits and advantages but in reality, it’s not.

Hiring an experienced slip and fall attorney will avoid these situations. All these complex and confusing processes will be managed accordingly and will be explained to you clearly. The lawyer will guide you on what you have to do, and not to do that will surely help your case. Dealing with this situation with a help of an experienced lawyer makes it easier for you. You can just focus on recovering from your injuries while your trusted slip and fall accident attorney will work for you to recover the maximum compensation you deserve.

If you have experienced a slip and fall accident in Orange County, you could be entitled to claims that will cover all your expenses and damages. Freeway Law Personal Injury Lawyers could help you throughout the complex process of claiming. Call us at (844) 443-7339 for a free initial consultation.

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